Classroom Information

Specials Schedule

Current Units of Study

MONDAY:  Music: 10:30-11:00
                   Library: 12:45-1:45

TUESDAY:   P.E.: 10:30-11:00

                    Spanish: 12:30-1:00

WEDNESDAY:  Art: 12:45-1:45

THURSDAY:  Spanish: 8:50-9:20

                      P.E.: 10:30-11:00

FRIDAY:     Music: 8:45-9:15

Please encourage your children to dress appropriately on P.E. days such as sneakers and comfortable clothing.
As we continue to learn the structures and routines of the Reading Workshop block, students will dive  into the first ELA Unit titled: Characters in Action. In this unit, students will explore internal and external character traits, character motivations, and story elements. Students are expected to be reading a "just right" chapter book during the independent reading time of each Reading Workshop block.

In the first Math unit titled "Give and Take" students will be exposed to a variety of non-traditional strategies for solving addition and subtraction with re-grouping problems. Students will be discouraged from using the standard algorithm "drop the zero, carry the one" strategy. In this unit, students will also solve multistep word problems, involving the operations of both addition and subtraction. At this time, students are continuing to build automaticity of their basic facts.


During this first unit of Writing Workshop, titled "Building a Community of Writers", students are beginning to learn and internalize the components of the Writing Workshop block. Students will build up their writing stamina, learn about the writing process, appropriately use the tools and materials in the Writing Center, and practice conferencing with peers, as well as with the teacher.


In this first Science unit, Nutrition, students will learn about making healthy eating choices, the importance of healthy eating habits, and MyFoodPlate. 


Check back soon for important information regarding the 3rd grade homework policy.

Please keep in mind that all classrooms are "nut" free classrooms. Please send your child to school with snacks that do not contain any peanut butter or nut products. Also, please encourage your child to bring a water bottle into school each day. We do not have a water fountain in our classroom, and this will alleviate multiple trips to the water fountain throughout the school day.